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I was raised with the values of faith, freedom, and hard work, and these are the values I live by.  I believe the oath of office is a sacred commitment, and years of experience serving my community has taught me to lead with a servant’s heart.  My priorities are to protect tax dollars, keep our community safe, and restore faith in our local government.  I believe strong leadership drives a community’s success, and I am ready to be a new voice and fresh start for the wonderful community of Orange Township.



Not supporting law enforcement is a growing trend in communities across the nation, and it’s a trend that has made many communities unsafe.  As a former employee of the chief law enforcement officer in the State of Ohio, I have experience working closely with law enforcement, and I will support Sheriff Martin and his department as they strive to keep our community safe.  As Orange Township’s population increases, the need for long-term safety planning increases.  Safety is my priority, because if we don’t have our safety, we don’t have anything.


The residents of Orange Township deserve quality service at the lowest possible cost. I believe in the principles of fiscal responsibility and that public funds should be spent wisely and always in the best interest of our taxpayers.


I support careful planning and encourage zoning and development policies that promote balanced growth while protecting the qualities that make Orange Township special. Leadership drives local economic development, and a community’s success depends on how well it is prepared and how well all stakeholders work together. The best communities are well-planned communities.


Leadership drives a community’s success. Providing a stable local government and working in unison with the county, and other stakeholders will give Orange Township a competitive edge and great future.  I have respect for the oath of office, and years of experience serving the community has taught me to lead with a servant’s heart. I’m a new voice and fresh start for Orange Township. 


As our community grows, our need for infrastructure upgrades grows.  To help alleviate traffic congestion, I will focus on infrastructure as a key component of economic development and planning.  I will work closely with the County Engineer and transportation entities, and I will be a voice for Orange Township roads and infrastructure improvements.


As a former ‘Sunshine Law’ spokesperson, I believe in government transparency and accountability.

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